Master of Science in Economics

This modern, internationally oriented master's degree programme in economics allows students both to gain a professional qualification and to prepare for a possible doctoral degree. In the first stage of this program, students take the master's courses. In a second stage, graduates with good grades can progress directly to their doctoral studies and obtain a PhD. Intensive supervision is provided as well as an opportunity to spend time conducting research at a university abroad. For a brief presentation of the MSE have a look at our Flyer.

The programme can be completed fully in English, no profound German skills are required for completion (from WS 2015/16 onwards). Nevertheless German knowledge is advantageous.



Teaching in the MSE study program in the winter term 2020/21

Given the COVID19 situation, it is not yet fully clear to what degree there will be classroom teaching in the winter term. However, we commit to enable students to take online courses covering all six compulsory modules in the first semester. This means that students newly admitted to the program for the winter term 2020/21 can count on all compulsory courses being offered online even if the pandemic precludes classroom teaching.